Turn your chaos into focus

The note taking app revolutionizes the way you organize and process information by turning mountains of data into actionable notecards. The revolutionary #hashtag approach allows you to easily categorize and filter through your notes, making it simple to find what you need when you need it.

With our help you’ll never have to worry about losing important information or struggling to find what you need among a sea of unorganized notes.

Create a network of notes

Organise your note-cards into a hierarchy that suits you. Use filters, search and sorting to find any note, anywhere. Establish links between your thoughts – something never possible with a traditional document.

Share your cards in an instant

Your content is stored securely on our servers, making them accessible from all of your devices. You can keep your cards to yourself, or collaborate on them with friends & colleagues in real time!

We bring focus and clearity to people working at

Like, comment and share your notes in real-time

The collaboration feature for a note taking app allows multiple users to work on the same note simultaneously. This allows for easy sharing and editing of information among team members, classmates, or other groups. Users can see the changes made in real-time, and can communicate through in-app messaging or commenting.

What Makes Us Different

Like, comment and sharein real-time

Share your knowledge with your friends, get them involved with  comments and likes.

Generate a printable PDF

Instantly export your notes as single PDF

Interact with your notes faster than you can blink

Tired of long waiting times and spinning astrolabes? Immediately log onto GlueyNotes from anywhere and take notes in seconds.

Frequent community-inspired product updates

We are constantly improving for you. We love getting our community involved. Everything new we build is based on the great feedback from our community

dark theme for late-night thinkers

Like to stay up late? We’ve hand crafted gorgeous dark theme, which are perfect for those late night study sessions, for when you have to get things done.

Focus on What Matters Most

Tag combinations precisely retrieve the right notes whenever you need them. Create Notebooks with a click, defined by one or more tags. This will help you prioritizeing your notebooks to keep the team on the same page.

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